VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project


VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
is an extension of the VideoChannel Audio Visual Collections @ The New Museum of Networked Art – intending to personalize and individualize information about the particiapting/represented artists and give background information about the creative processes of their artistic work through an interview based on 10 questions.

Only artists participating in the moving images contexts/projects at The New Museum of Networked Art are eligible to be interviewed on invitation.

Redaction of VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
director of The New Museum of Networked Art

artvideokoeln (at)


Kenji Kojima

Claude Ciccolella

Barry Whittaker

Kokou Ekouagou

Muriel Paraboni

Ronnie Sluik

Dawn Westlake

Angelina Voskopoulou

Werther Germondari

Lorenzo Papanti

Hernando Urruttia

Mikey Peterson

Matteo Campulla

ian Gibbins

Francesca Lolli