VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project

Gwiazda, Henry

Henry Gwiazda
US based media artist

artist biography


Interview: 10 questions


I live with my wife on the Great Plains in Fargo, ND. I’ve had too much formal musical education.


My work as a composer with virtual audio and sampling led to a natural expansion of into the sampling of all phenomenon. New media was the most efficient way to create art based on movement. Plus, the digital look was attractive to me.


I believe that understanding the phenomenon of movement in reality is the key for aesthetic knowledge in our time. It’s what my work is about.


I choose certain scenarios-spaces that allow me to investigate particular kinds of movement. Each “scene” is a different aspect of that original scenario. Then I create each scene as a composer would write music.


I use Final Cut Pro, Poser, Bryce and Sound Ideas sound effects.


New Media is the first new art form created by human beings in a long time. I believe all other art forms will cease to be as progessive.


Self produced and financed


I prefer to work alone. I have worked collaboratively with choreographers and played in musical groups and while they bring out different aspects of my artistic personality, these aspects don’t intrigue me enough for me to want to work with others.


Andre Tarkovsky, Claude Simon, classical Chinese poetry


I hope to create an art that people have never experienced before.

My work can be seen on my web site