VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project

Fukushima, Yoko

Yoko Fukushima
videoartist from Japan


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    Interview:10 questions

    1. Tell me something about your life and the educational background
    I studied fine arts and crafts at university in Tokyo
    then I came to France and I studied fine arts, specially plastic photography in art school.

    2. When, how and why started you filming?
    First, I began to film as moving picture, continuous of sequences,
    then I founds they made a kind of history.

    3. What kind of subjects have your films?
    Mostly my performance, some indirect concepts.

    4. How do you develop your films, do you follow certain principles, styles etc?
    I don’t have any knowledge about films, so it’s just in my way.

    5. Tell me something about the technical equipment you use.
    Canon camera but not professional.

    6. What are the chances of new media for the genre film/video in general and you personally?
    I can explain more large things than photography,

    7. How do you finance your films?
    I don’t know in general so myself at the moment.

    8. Do you work individually as a video artist/film maker or do you work in a team? if you have experience in both, what is the difference, what do you prefer?
    I work myself with someone I know well as assistant and for the music.
    I don’t feel ease to work in a team.

    9. Who or what has a lasting influence on your film/video making?
    Jonas Mekas, Jan Svankmajer

    10. What are your future plans or dreams as a film/video maker?
    I want to learn technics and I want to try animation and documentary films.