VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project

Camargo, Hugo

Hugo Ferreira Camargo
from Brazil

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    Interview : 10 questions

    1. Tell me something about your life and the educational background.

    Well, I started to study Visual Arts in my hometown (Goiania-Brazil) and, at a certain point f the course, I should decide if was going to study Graphic Design or Plastic Arts. At that time I used to think that design was less conservative, that I would have more freedom at work, creativily speaking. I was wrong, because it was not like that to me. But I just realized that a couple of years later, after a stressing experience as graphic designer. Then I decided to change everything: I moved to Florence, Italy, to study photography, and it was the beginning of my art production (not exactly in photography).

    2. When, how and why started you filming?

    Last year, 2006, I had an idea. And then I thought it would be nice if I could make a video of this idea. Then I made a sort of digital video collage, and voilà: my first video was done. The whole process was really funny to me, because I did not have any experience on editing movies or anything like that, and also because I realised that I like to work on collages, and oh…. I was forgetting: I love to creat soundtracks for my own works.

    3.What kind of subjects have your films?

    I think my works are not always going to follow the same path, but until now, they are more about mass media manipulation and politics than anything else.

    4. How do you develop your films, do you follow certain principles, styles etc?

    It starts when an idea borns. At the beginning I don’t know which kind of work I’m going to develop, if it is going to be a video, a photo, a painting, or a mix of it all. So, I don’t have any rule regarding a style.

    5. Tell me something about the technical equipment you use.

    Since I have never shot a film, I still don’t have a video camera (but I’m thinking about getting one of these small DV cameras). Til now, I just use a notebook, some softwares and a fast internet connection.

    6. What are the chances of new media for the genre film/video in general and you personally?

    The world works faster now, in any sense. This digital age brought us many fundamental evolutions and what I particularly appreciate is that now we have a big variety of things being done. Almost everybody can make a video, and that’s nice. Take me as an example: I decided to make a video, but I didn’t know anything about editing videos and those technical issues. So I found everything on the internet, in just a few clicks. It is just about knowing how to filter the loads of information we get, and then there is nothing to lose.

    7. How do you finance your films?

    Actually, they never cost a penny, but I would certainly save some money to afford my films if necessary.

    8. Do you work individually as a video artist/film maker or do you work in a team? if you have experience in both, what is the difference, what do you prefer?

    I work individually, but I’ve never had the chance to work in a team. It would be nice, maybe someday.

    9. Who or what has a lasting influence on your film/video making?

    Videogames!!! When I was working on my last video I was so deeply immersed in video game aesthetics that I couldn’t stop pixelizing everything. But in my mind, I mean. Several times, when I was inside a bus coming back home, looking the building, the cars, the people… and imaginning everything as pixel images. And also highly addicted to the so-called “chiptune” music.

    10. What are your future plans or dreams as a film/video maker?

    I still have much to learn, many ideas to work on. Right now I’m quite happy with my progress as an artist.